Applications :
- Infomation and advertisement
- Observation, Security
- Public safety centers
- Communications.
- Digital integrated command control center.


Specifications :

天Screen Size
: 84"

天Seam Size
: 3 mm
天Number of Pixel
: 1706 X 960
: 600 cd/m2 (module)
天Contrast Ratio
: 2500:1(dark room)
天TV Standard
天Input Signal
: Analog RGB


  Component Video

Inhanced Image Qualities :

- 3D Y/C Digital Comb Filter   
The 3D Y/C Digital Comb Filter pertorms field-by-field comparisons of the display image to accurately separate the color from the black-and-white infomation. It removes dot crawl and hanging dots both horizontally and vertically.



- Motion Adaptive Progressive    Scanning
New I.P(Interface to Progressive) convertion uses an automatic adaptive temporal/spatial algoithm to maximize the display resolution in stable picture areas. Elimination artifacts thatoccur around moving objects.



- Improved Moving Pictures
Orion plasma display provides smooth. Natural-looking moving pictures with excellent detail thanks to greamtly improved precision in the False-Edge Predictor circuit. This circuit identifies areas where a moving picture is subject to degradation and dramatically reduces the picture noise.



- 3 Dimensional Progressive    Scan
 This function turns the interlaced signals used in present broadcasts into the  prograssive scan signals for optimal perpomance in the dot matrix system of plasma display. Our 3 Dimensional Prograssive Scan extracts the interpolated pixel data with the highest correlation from a total of 4 line of image information for three field . This greatly decreases the blurry motion that tends to occur with conventional systems.

Dimensions :

- Demension(mm)
: 2001 X 1190 X 105(W x H x D)
- Weight
: 140 Kg (without stand)