1. XMPD HYBRO is highly integrated, multi-input device, which is designed for receiving and transmitting of data to the electronic screen.

HYBRO inputs TV (PAL, SECAM, NTSC) from VGA and DVI interface, perform TMDS- and many others video and PC signals.            

HYBRO performs a seamless digital switching between computer  (PC)- and video sources. Especially output scanning is independent on the presence of input signals and parameters.HYBRO allows enhanced tools for VGA source such as separated (for each R,G and B) or linked adjustments for brightness and contrast.It is possible to set freezing separately for video and computer images or to give up transmitting the image to the screen, continuing an internal image buffer refreshing.


  • Input                                                         DVI(1), VGA(1), TV(3)
  • Input terminals                                       DVI(1), VGA Analog(1), Composite(2), S-Video(1)
  • Management                                          COM port
  • TV/Video standards                              PAL, SECAM, NTSC
  • Resolution(input/output)                      800x600@60Hz
  • Output data bus                                     LVDS(2)
  • RGB output                                             24 bit/pixel (16,7 mill colors)
  • Image refresh rate                                50Hz
  • Supply voltage                                       5.0 V
  • Consumption current, max                 1.4A
  • Overall dimensions, max                     175x175x20(mm)
  • Weight, max                                            250 (g)
  • Ambient temperature                            0o C +40o C
  • Relative humidity                                   3080%


HYBRO software provide following features:

  • Selection of one of three video sources. If signal present one of them, a green bar will be light
  • Selection of video/TV standard(PAL/SECAM/NTSC): automatically and manually
  • Selection of PC sources (DVI or VGA): automatically and manually
  • Correction of sharpness, brightness, contrast and saturation of image
  • Freezing of video and PC image
  • Phase adjustment for VGA source
  • Separated or linked contrast and brightness adjustments for VGA source
  • Selection of target communication port
  • Multi-device PC management system: It is possible to manage many device simultaneously which connected to the computer (PC)
  • Fall-back recovery of factory adjustments
  • Power-off mode of module and screen
  • Saving the current adjustment parameters
  • Switching between video(TV) and PC sources and vice versa
  • Enhanced setting menu for experienced users.