DVI converter is designed for connection between the DVI output of the VGA video card and the plasma screen (like MWS-6), which has an LVDS data interface.

 1. The maximum resolution is 1024 X 768 pixels at 5.60 Hz of vertical scan. This is a limitation of the screens.

 2. The maximum image refreshing frequency is 60 frames/sec. The converter transmits a     copy of an input image to a screen without a pixel or vertical rate conversion.

 3. No moving artifacts compensation. The converter has no effect on picture     visualization on the screen. All artifacts, associated with a scan of the module     will not be compensated.

 4. No control functions. The converter has no capability of performing control     functions for a screen such as, for example, shutting it down.

 5. Powering from an external source or from a VGA card. The converter can be powered     from an external power supply as well as from a VGA card.

· Source voltage  5,0 +/-5% V;

· Typical consumed current  280 mA;

· Maximal consumed current  320 mA.

For additional information on powering a converter, see section Power Configuration of Converter"

6. Dimensions of the converter are 120 mm ´ 60 mm ´ 30 mm (W´H´D).