The LVDS Repeater is intended for evaluation of LVDS cable length limits and for increasing of quantity of serving LVDS receivers.

Each Repeater contains LVDs chipset DS90CR385/386(85Mhz) from.National Semiconducter. Chipset converts received LVDS data into 28 parallel LVTTL / LVCMOS bits, and then converts them back into LVDS form. No software is required, because of absence of PLDS. No user serviceable parts inside.

 1. Input data connector     :     D-type, 15 pins, Plug (male), 2 rows

 2. Output data                     :     D-type, 15 pins, socket (female), 2 rows

 3. Pwering                           :     external, +5VDC / 0.5A

 4. PCB dimensions           :    120mm X 58mm