PlasmaBlaster provides the user with quick and cheap mode of in-system programming, having combined in itself the functions and the abilities of the loading cables: Altera Byte BlasterMV, Atmel ATDH2225 and Kanda System STK 200/300.

PlasmaBlaster allows:

 1.EEPROM Altera in-system programming.

 2.In-system programming of AVR Atmel processors;

 3.Configuration of FPGA Altera, Atmel, Xilinx, Cypress.

PlasmaBlaster works with the devices possessing supply voltage 3,3 V and 5 V. PlasmaBlaster is powered from the external AC/DC converter with output voltages 4,5-12 V and output current not less than 40 mA. Such powering mode provides much reliable work, comparing it with traditional circuits.PlasmaBlaster chooses automatically the type of emulating download cable. Automatic choice of the type of the download cable happens at the moment of turning on the user¨s circuits (all connections should be done when the powering is off).The current state of PlasmaBlaster is displayed with the help of two LEDs.Compatible with Altera MAX+plus II, Atmel CPS8.0, HP Info Tech Code Vision AVR software.