Ubiquoss GAM (G.hn Aggregated Multiplexer) U4124B product line-up is based on ITU-T G.hn G.9960/G.9961 technology, enabling data rates up to 500Mbps over bundle twisted pair copper wires. It offers near FTTH (Fiber To The Home) performance for a wide range of applications. Ubiquoss GAM U4124B is configured with 24 GE ports with two Up Links. Intended for installation at a fiber to twisted pair distribution hub, it is easier to deploy and provides big CAPEX savings compared to FTTH.

Ubiquoss GAM U4124B enables carriers to deliver FTTH-class service to MDU:s while avoiding the costs of replacing copper wires with fiber and truck-roll. The data rates offered by the U4124B ensure unhindered throughput of high quality and other high data rate services such as multi-stream FHD/UHD IPTV, cloud-based storage or 802.11ac WiFi AP.

Crosstalk in bundles of non-shielded twisted pair lines is resolved by the Marvell Crosstalk mitigation feature, guaranteeing 3 to 5 times higher data throughput (200~500Mbps) than VDSL2  over the same final access lines.




System Architecture

  • 2 x Uplink module slots :SFP Combo, 10G-XFP, 1G and 10G GEPON
  • 24 port PSTN / 24 port RJ45
  • Console RJ45, RS232C(Baud Rate 9600)

Main Chipset

  • CPU Chipset: BCM53003
  • Switching Chipset: BCM56142
  • G.hn Engine: 88LX3142(DSP)/ LX2718(AFE)


  • 256MB, DDR2 SDRAM

Physical Dimension

  • 19 Rack Mount Type, 1.5RU
  • 340(D) x 440(W) x 66mm(H)
  • Max 6.8kg

Switching Fabric

  • Full-duplex 126G (System capacity: 88Gbps)


  • Syslog, SNMPv2, RMON, SSH, TFTP, FTP
  • Security by using password for log-in via Console and Telnet
  • NTP, Port mirroring, TCP DUMP


  • 4ea FAN Module, Max. 5000rpm


  • Power, System Active
  • Management
  • Fan Status
  • G.hn Link

Environment Conditions

Input power & frequency

  • 10 0~ 220VAC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption

  • Max 90 W

Operating temperature

  • -10 ~ 80

Operating humidity

  • 0 ~ 90% non-condensing

Storage temperature

  • -20 ~ 80


# of Mac Address

  • 16K

# of VLAN

  • 256 VLAN

Layer 2

  • 802.1W STP, RSTP, PVSTP
  • 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol
  • 802.1Q VLAN(256) and VLAN Trunking
  • 802.3ad Link Aggregation(MAX 32 Groups & 8members for each group)
  • Jumbo Frame up to 9K

Remote Reset

  • Syslog, SNMPv2, RMON, TFTP
  • FTP, NTP, TCP DUMP, Port Mirroring
  • Security by using password for log-in via Console and Telnet


  • Remote H/W Reset, Dying Gasp, Remote reset through optical line, Watch dog
  • Support GEPON(IEEE 802.3ah) uplink interface

Software Content

  • DHCP Relay, Private DCHP server blocking, DHCP Broadcast Traffic Blocking forwarded by interface
  • DHCP message Filtering, DHCP broadcast traffic protection, DHCP Request Flooding protection(DHCP snooping rate-limiting)
  • DHCP Option 82, Circuit-ID: port information user connected, Remote-ID: MAC address information of Relay device
  • DLF, Broadcast, TCP-SYN, IGMP Attack protection
  • DHCP Filtering, Mac Filtering, NetBEUI, NetBIOS Filtering, NBT
  • Packet filtering based on IP address and TCP, UDP port
  • Packet control to well-known port no.
  • MAC spoofing, flooding protection(static MAC, MAC count)
  • Multicast/Broadcast flooding protection
  • Theft protection of Gateway IP address(GARP)
  • Service classifying for the Control Packet(Ping, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, TFTP etc.)
  • 8 CPU queue, Rate-limit to CPU traffic


  • Layer 2(Source/Destination MAC Address, VLAN ID, COS Field)
  • Layer 3(Source/Destination IP Address, DSCP Field)
  • Priority/Parameter based QoS, 8 queue per port ,
  • Egress Rate-shaping : port , queue 
  • DSCP marking/remarking
  • Ingress ACL: 128