In this innovative age newly invented products are being brought onto the market daily. What was state-of-the-art last week is outdated the next! This high- speed cycle means short time-to-market and a definite need for a new and flexible information technology to ensure the effective marketing of a new product.The XMPDisplay MWS≒ (Multimedia Wide Screen) family is this technology.

The XMPDisplay MWS≒(Multimedia Wide Screen) family offers the newest, most innovative, simple but flexible and user-friendly technique for the presentation of information recently available on the market.

The XMPDisplay MWS≒(Multimedia Wide Screen) family is able to process (display) all kinds of data sources including computers, TVs, Video Players (incl.CD-,DVD-,MPEG Playes), Video cameras and recorders, satellites etc. simultaneously.

This allows for prompt and easy updating of data and contents.

per modul
Pixel size
Number of
(real value)
MWS-6DC 64 x 64 6 x 6 262,144 5m and more 100 cd/m2

Requirements & environments :
- Data control
: PC, TV, Video-, DVD-, MPEG player, Video camera
- Operating System : Win 9x, Win ME, Win XP (see technical data of product)
- TV compatibility : PAL, SECAM, NTSC
- Operating Temperature : +5o to + 40o
- Relative humidity : Up to 80% at 25o
- Power input : 110/220/380 AC, 1/3 phase, 50~60Hz